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Holy shit

Tonight was the most productive night I've had in... potentially months, actually. I had energy. Out of nowhere.

So I made a quick dinner of seafood-flavored ramen with spinach added in when I got home, and ate it down and put the clean dishes away, and then picked up the baby. That was clue number one.

I picked up the baby, and took him for a walk. And walked, and walked. We spent around 30 or 45 minutes in total walking around, and the last 3 or 4 blocks I carried him home, singing quietly to him while he fell asleep - almost - on my shoulder. He woke up as we got back to our building but still, he was on the verge of it.

So we got upstairs and I played with the baby for a while, then fed him a snack (he wasn't hungry enough for a full dinner) and then played with him some more. After a while, we went into his bedroom and played quietly while I watched tv. UPN, Moesha and the Hughleys. Never seen either before. They actually weren't nearly as horrible as I was expecting. They weren't exactly Shakespearean but they were enjoyable enough, which did surprise me.

After that I put the baby to bed, and then came into my room and checked email, LJ, etc. Then I did the finances, then left to do the dishes. After I did the dishes, I realized I still had energy for some reason. This is unusual.

Ok, fine. So I figured I'd test it out. I swept up the kitchen and living room. Still had energy. Took out the trash. Then cleaned the counters. Then cleaned the stove. Then the microwave. Then I put away the groceries and cleaned up the bags. Took out more trash. Then I went to the bathroom, realized I still had energy, and so put away the clean laundry.

Then, finally, I felt tired. So now I'm relaxing, feeling a bit hungry, and thinking I might snack... and maybe even clean some more after. Freaky.

I haven't gotten this much cleaning done in one night in months, literally. I've been so tired just doing the dishes would leave me needing to sit for a little while. It's a bit freaky, really. I'm not complaining. :) If I'm not too hungry to sleep, I will. If I am, I'll snack, then sleep.

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