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Last time I went shopping I decided to try this thing... fajitas in a bag, basically. By Tyson Foods, in a big plastic bag w/ smaller bags inside with the actual fajita wrappers, the chicken, the veggies. You basically open everything and fry the veggies and chicken together (precooked, but frozen) and then stick in the wrappers (thawed first of course) and bang you're making a run for the border. Or something like that.

Well, it's not bad. Real vegetables, real chicken, decent cuts of it. A bit bland. Very wet. When they froze it (or perhaps it was thawed a bit and refrozen in transport) it got ice all over the food - lots of it - so after sticking it in a frying pan for a few minutes it did get hot but also a bit soupy.

The other problem is that it's a bit bland. Fajitas shouldn't be so bland, I think. So I stuck some salsa on top (what the hell else do I put on? I dunno) and now it's even soupier, although no longer too bland. Good, but drippy.

Incidentally, whoever thought of this whole concept of tiny round wrappers is an ass. I mean, the bigger ones, like the 8 and 10 inch wraps, ok, fine, then you can make a couple of passes around and whatever. Same thing with a mooshu (or so its spelled in most menus I think) pork dish or peking duck when they use them - they're bigger. But honestly, even then, the roundness bothers me. How about a square? Then you could wrap them up and not have the middle be thicker than the edges. Maybe even stick a little flap on the end to make it easier to close the backside of it. These people are too stuck in their ways. It's time for a food revolution.

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