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...back in the land of the living. Put the baby down for a nap. Feel somewhat mildly energetic for the first time in weeks. I think taking the baby and going down to visit my parents and older son every weekend - even if my dad was driving us - was a big part of the drain. I still feel tired, but I've lost some of that drained feeling for the first time in over a month. In some ways it's actually good I'm on call this weekend and next; gives me a valid excuse to not go down there. I feel a little bad about it, but only a little - feeling like that was costing me my sanity. I think if we have to do this again next summer, I will make a "policy" of not going down more than every other week, except for special occasions of course.

Anyways. Laundry's almost done. Found there's not nearly as much laundry when it's only me and the baby living here. After this I'm going to make lunch and then work on cleaning up my home boxen, they're starting to get barnacle encrusted, and it's not pleasant. I originally built them something like 2 years ago and they could really use a good spring cleaning.

Ah well - to work.

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