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Have to do an evaluation of my boss for Monday. We have reviews coming up next week, and it's a mutual review thing. Of course the whole thing is stupid and pointless and a fucking waste of time since they also spontaneously decided to change salary reviews to only be once a year. So this is just apparently to annoy the fuck out of us, rather than actually give us what was promised when we were hired. Well, fortunately I've got plenty of money to spare so I don't need a raise, and of course I wasn't counting on getting at least a little or anything. Nah.

Maybe next time they can lower our salaries too. Yeah, that'd rock.

I have to go sell some blood, or become a gigolo or something, so I can afford to eat next week. G'nite. (I'd have better luck trying to sell my blood, I think, so I'll go with that.)

(Yeah, I'm not happy about this, can you tell? Sigh. I guess life hasn't been frustrating enough recently. I will survive this, somehow, and when I come out I will be strong as Hercules, assuming Nietzsche knew what he was talking about. Either that or I'm wrong and I'll be dead. :P I should write up a will, dictate how my debts will get split when I die.)

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