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Today (the goods)

Well, anyways... where to begin... stayed up too late last night, so I was exhausted this morning. Yeah, I'm stupid. Still, I got enough sleep that I should've been ok.

Had massive troubles waking up.

Woke up the first time. Changed the baby. Put on cartoons. Passed out again.

Woke up again. Changed the baby. Put him in his highchair, gave him food. Dozed on the sleeping bag I've been keeping in the living room. (Why a sleeping bag in the living room, you ask? Because recently I've been so tired that often I'll watch Morgan by lying down and literally watching him play, and only getting up if he gets into trouble. Standing or even sitting takes too much effort some nights. Or some weekends, now, apparently.)

So I laid on the sleeping bag, half dozing, while he ate. Then I let him out of his highchair and he played while I continued to half-doze on the floor. Eventually he got bored of playing with toys and started playing with me. At the end, he was doing his football linebacker impersonation, while I played quarterback and he sacked me. This involved me lying on the ground (sleeping bag) while he took several steps back, and then ran at me and literally threw himself at my back. He would slam into me with his chest and shoulders, giggling, and I'd groan a bit and try to ignore the child slamming into my back.

After doing that for a while, I gave up and got up. Then I put him in his crib so I could shower and take him for a walk. He cried, naturally, but I figured it'd only be 30 minutes for me to get showered and eat and then I'd take him out.

Yeah, right.

To be continued... (friends only)

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