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We had an internal party tonight to celebrate Asian Avenue's 4th anniversary. Last I talked to someone at 9:30 it was still going strong (it started right after 5, i.e. basically as soon as I left). Sigh. It would've been nice to go. Wish I could've gotten someone to watch the baby tonight too. Unfortunately I didn't find out about this until after I had already gotten last night covered, and I didn't want to ask him to do two nights in a row. So, whatever. *sigh*

Oh, and tomorrow one of the junior admins is having a party at her place downtown and all of the engineering crew is invited, and... yeah, I'll be watching the baby.

Gotta love my social life. Sorry, don't mean to whine, but sometimes it gets to me. That's ok. Next weekend I'll be on call so even if I could get someone to watch the baby I'll still be locked inside the apartment. Rock!

Maybe I should go get drunk now to celebrate. Er... hmm... not enough alcohol in the house by far. Ah well.

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