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Bit of a headache. Heading to bed as soon as I finish a snack and posting and catching up on email and the like.

Nice night tonight. Saw my old coworkers from CondeNet. (CondeNet is the place I used to work that laid us all off. Got a nice big writeup in Fucked Company, it was a pretty nasty one... shut down the entire tech department, essentially, and moved the operations to the sister company in NJ. Anyways, whatever.)

My brother in law watched the baby tonight while I met up with them. We met in chinatown, at one of the many chinese bakery/tea shops. I had a coconut ice drink with pieces of pineapple and the requisite giant tapioca pearls*, as well as a cha siu bao. Kind of disappointing on the latter, but the former was decent. One by one everyone trickled in, until the four of us were sitting chatting for a while. The fifth member of our little bunch was stuck fixing a problem - their network connection had died and he had to stay and wait for it. Eh.

So after a while of waiting for him in case it got fixed, we went on to the restaurant. We had a pretty decent dinner... salt chicken (I dunno the name), shrimp with that chinese broccoli vegetable (it looks nothing like broccoli but that's how it's been described to me before), sweet and sour pork, clams in black bean sauce, steamed flounder with the ginger and scallion sauce I like so much, fried dofu cubes (bland and boring, not well done, we thought they were going to be stuffed)... I think that was it, maybe I missed one dish. It was pretty good, not great. Then we went to that Suisse Alps teashop place. A bunch of them have sprung up around the city recently, they serve chinese (hong kong mostly I guess) stuff, specifically a lot of the tapioca teas. I elected to have a chocolate milkshake since I didn't feel like another tapioca drink and was massively disappointed, their milkshakes suck. Normally I'd get a chinese tea at a place like that but it was marked as a 'recommended' drink so I figured maybe they did something special to make it good. It wasn't. Should've had a tea. I can't remember, for the life of me, the chinese name for them. A friend calls them bubble teas. Makes sense, since they've got the bubbles of tapioca in them.

While there, I met, of all people, one of my friends from NYU. Weird as fuck. Cool, though, I liked him. Exchanged contact info, gonna get together for lunch - we work just a few blocks apart from each other. Doubly weird. I guess it is Silicon Alley after all.

After that I got driven back home by Al, one of the guys. I like him best of the bunch, and he lives relatively near me, so he dropped me off on the way back.

Then I chatted with my bro in law for a bit and he went home. Now I'm here.

* - amusingly enough I spelled it "perls" the first time through. Yeah, I'm a geek.

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