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A Suggestion

As LJ continues to grow, I've found that the (few) existing filters just aren't cutting it. I'd like to have more privacy options, to have more ways of filtering what I view, what I post, etc.

I've been trying to think of an intelligent way to handle it that wouldn't be too confusing, or too much work. Masking off things by groups, creating little permissions schemes, all sorts of things.

Finally, it hit me.

What's the solution? An idiot filter. I realized the biggest single problem I have is that there are so many idiots around. I don't want to read their posts. I don't want to read their comments. I don't even want to know they exist. So, turn on your idiot filter, set a sensitivity level (genius, moderately intelligent, so-so, slow, retard, brick, religious right), and you're set!

God I'm good.
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