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Oh God...

My head is pounding... I thought maybe it was from the fact that I hadn't had any real caffeine for 2 days, so I had a glass of coke. No go... or maybe it just wasn't enough. All I know is my head is killing me and it's making everything else rather difficult. Feels reminiscent of the times I've gone through caffeine withdrawal (yeah, I'm a pathetic geek sometimes...) but unlike those times caffeine didn't fix it.

Then again, considering the timing, I think it's most likely just stress. A lot of stress. Today's been a very stressful day, unfortunately. Very, very stressful. Sigh.

On the upside, I've gotten some laundry done and did a little cleaning. By gritting my teeth a bit I can get through the pain and keep going, but it's not pleasant. The entire worn-down feeling doesn't help either. Bah, being sick - for whatever reason - really sucks. Thank god my sore throat is gone, if I had that too I'd really be whiny.

Ow ow ow... pain... *whine*

The baby's got diarhea too, so he's not in a good mood. Hehe, we're a pair of grumpy bitches today. Woo woo. At least he can't say he isn't being taken care of, I must've changed his diaper a dozen times already trying to minimize his discomfort and prevent a serious case of diaper rash. Diarhea really sucks. Sometimes I wish babies were more like computers, then I could either patch him or write a script to watch him and make periodic adjustments when he has diarhea or constipation. Hehe. Hmmm. I think I'd put a redirect from his ass to /dev/null, too.

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