ntang (ntang) wrote,

Fuck me.

Damnit. This whole being tired thing is getting to me.

I was being good earlier. I ate dinner. I took care of the baby. I started the laundry. I took care of the baby. I fed the baby. I played with the baby. I put the baby to bed. I collapsed, exhausted, and sat on AIM for a few hours.

Notice anything missing?

Yeah. I just remembered the laundry. Now the 2 loads of supposedly clean clothes are damp and in my entryway, and will need to be rewashed and then dried tomorrow, which means I'll be scrambling like a madman to get it all done before my dad arrives to pick up the baby.


I considered briefly pulling an all-nighter, then I realized just how stupid that would be and said fuck that and I'm going to bed. What's a pile of damp, molding clothing between friends? :P

Sigh. :/

Tomorrow morning, doctor's appointment. Need to get tested, see if I have the family thyroid problem. That would be so wonderful, to know I'm not just abnormally tired all the time, that there's a valid medical reason for it... and that I could actually get it FIXED. God. We'll see. Probably won't have the blood work done until next week, and then the results probably the week after. Blaaah.

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