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Just recently was finally assigned to a team for http://www.techcorps.org/techs4schools .

I'm... uh... underwhelmed to say the least. The actual site and its interface seems lame at best. It doesn't seem to get used much, which is unfortunate, as I think it has a lot of potential. There are maybe 100 schools represented in total - and while I'm sure some tech reps represent more than one school, probably some entire districts, I KNOW there must be hundreds or thousands of schools without access to this. I've read a lot of complaints on the message board about how frustrating it is trying to help through this program, and I'm not encouraged. Sigh.

Maybe they should run a private LJ. :)


It just really bothers me. What's the point of my volunteering (incidentally I signed up for this MONTHS ago and they just now placed me..!!!) my time and efforts if they're just going to waste? It seems stupid. Someone posted a question on Friday and my response today was the first response. Why does this bother me? There are probably hundreds or thousands of volunteers (although I'm sure most still haven't been set up yet :P ) and not one could bother to respond in 2 days. This is not a vibrant and thriving program!

I think maybe the first thing we should do is to re-evaluate the entire program and rebuild it from scratch. Right now the lame web-site and slow as hell administration is only getting in the way of helping. Sigh.

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