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This morning...

...I woke up, and went to the bathroom. After I got out, I went downstairs to find the place empty. I looked out the front door, and the car was gone. Ok. I got myself a banana to eat, and then sat down in front of the tv.

I flipped it on, and started watching The Replacements. I missed the first half or third, but I saw the rest... and you know what? I actually enjoyed it. The football scenes had some silliness but were really well done, and the non-football scenes weren't nearly as grating as they seemed in the ads. The plot was obvious, the acting was decent but not great, but the movie as a whole was actually pretty enjoyable. I'm actually thinking of getting it on DVD sometime so I can see the whole thing. It also proved that if you can find a role for Keanu where he doesn't have to talk much and can just limit his acting to putting expressions on his face and walking around and such, he's not even a bad actor. It's just that talking thing he needs to work on.

Anyways: The Replacements gets 3/5 stars. Maybe 3 and a half.

After watching that, I watched the Food Network for a little while, and then I went online to check my email. Then my dad came home.

There was no point to this really.

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