ntang (ntang) wrote,

Giant victory

Strahan sacks BradyBy now, I'm sure you all know that the Giants won Superbowl 42, defeating the undefeated Patriots to shock the world. It was so unlikely that even most Giants fans didn't believe they could win. (I did - so much so that I bet on the game, first time ever in my life to do something like that. It wasn't a huge sum, but it was symbolic for me - I knew they had it in them. Simple as that.) Even after the fact, sports writers blamed the Patriots' bad play on the loss, saying they had more to do with their own loss than the Giants did. But the Giants have been underdogs most of the season, and I bet even that's ok with them - they've suffered at the hands of the media all year, and they just keep on fighting. Now, they've fought themselves into the title of world champions.

I'm happy they won. I guess so are a lot of New Yorkers. It's been 17 long years, people.

The great thing is that the Giants did it with so many rookies starting - and they have the chance, next year, to have an even better year.

I'm proud of the Giants - they played with more heart tonight, and over the past few games, than they have for years. They deserved this win, regardless of what any critics or sportswriters might say. To hell with them. You did good.

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