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Taking a short break while the baby eats. (And if you're wondering, I can see him by rolling my chair 2 feet back and can hear him quite clearly. :P He's just one room over.)

It's the funniest thing. I say the baby's the cutest, and that pictures don't do him justice, but it's really true. The woman at the daycare was talking to me as I picked him up, and started off saying "Well, you know M, everyone always falls in love with him. They all do." and then went on to tell me how one of the mothers with a baby in the daycare wanted my number - so she could call to arrange to spend some time with my son. She wants to take him to the park and play with him. Hahaha. That's so awesome.

My sons are the cutest lil buggers ever, and I swear no woman can resist their charms. :) (Now if only that worked for me. :P )
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