ntang (ntang) wrote,


Second morning in a row I've woken up and gotten a cramp in my calf when I started to sit up. Yesterday it was my right leg, today my left leg.

Interestingly, normally I've had cramps that last for a long time, and I've done the whole "massage the muscle until it relaxes" thing and waited, in agony, until it did.

Both mornings, I just calmed myself down, and basically... made it go away? I stretched the leg in the opposite way from the cramp, and just forced the muscle to relax and expand, and it did. Pain gone. (Well, it was still sore, but it was no longer cramping.) I don't know if this is some new-found super-power (look for me on the next season of Heroes!) or if anyone could get rid of cramps immediately by just doing this, but it's awesome.

Oh, and one other note: FUCKING OW. I hate cramps.

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