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Life with djbdns

Sort of an ironic name. There's a nice little website (unfortunately, emphasis on the little) that talks about using djbdns: http://www.lifewithdjbdns.org/ .

djbdns is a very quirky little piece of software. It's fast, and it's got a small footprint, and I'd bet it's 100x as secure as ISC's BIND, but it's a pain learning it.

Been wrestling with it.

Why? Because I'm transitioning my personal machines from BIND to djbdns. I can't stand patching and/or upgrading BIND to deal with all of the damn holes. I'm hoping djbdns just doesn't have any. (Part of the reason it doesn't seem to have any is because the eponymous djb (Dan J. Bernstein) threw out a lot of functionality he considered superfluous to most DNS serving, and of the functionality he kept, he split it amongst several tiny daemons, each that do one specific task or set of tasks. It means you can pare it down to just the bare essentials - in fact, you're forced to - which, if you can get by without the extra functionality, leaves you with a lean, mean, dns serving machine. It's a pain, though, getting used to it.)

Ah well. The joys of being a pathetic geek.

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