ntang (ntang) wrote,

Fire! Fire!

Woke up this morning to a burning smell. At first, I started to drift back to sleep, but then my groggy brain started to function and I realized I had woken up to a burning smell.

I went and checked my computer first - I leave it on overnight with Banshee Screamer running (best computer-based alarm clock I've ever found) to wake myself up - and at first I thought with dismay that it was in fact where the odor was coming from. Then I realized that the odor was slightly stronger around it but that could simply because it had fans sucking in the air around it. Sigh.

I went outside to find my son with a bleary-eyed look of confusion and worry. He told me the smell was really strong in the back where his room is (and where my father lives). Well, shit. I went out into the kitchen and noticed a slight haze over everything - yup, looked like smoke. I opened a window and asked my son if he had told my dad. He had.

I looked down the stairway and there was that same haze hovering over everything. Heading downstairs, we saw there was smoke churning from the kitchen in the restaurant. Damnit. A few minutes later, having thrown some clothes on, we were standing and shivering outside and calling the fire department. (There was real smoke, but the fire was obviously not that large, which is why we took the time to put on real clothes first.)

Anyways, it turns out that they had left some food on the stove overnight - intentionally or accidentally, I don't know, but as food is wont to do when left to cook for long periods of unsupervised time, it had caught on fire. When I took the cops back later (who were investigating the restaurant's doors being wide open early in the morning) I saw a large, scorched hunk of meat in the sink where apparently the firemen had dumped it. Oh well. I guess something's off the menu for tonight.

I'm getting ready for work now, but there you go: the thrilling story of the fire in my house this morning. It still stinks in here. Yay.
Tags: apartment, burn, fire, fire! fire!, restaurant, smoke, where there's smoke

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